How does it work?

How does it do the magic? Technology behind the laser harp is not difficult to understand if you are a bit into engineering. If you aren't, you can just buy one one the market and play, but if you are curious, here the basics on Laser Harps techs!

At the very beginning there is a Laser Beam: Since the discover, in 1960, lasers have become ubiquitous, finding utility in thousands of highly varied applications in every section of modern society, including consumer electronics, information technology, science, medicine, industry, law enforcement, entertainment, fibre-optic communication...

The first use of lasers in the daily lives of the general population was the supermarket barcode scanner, introduced in 1974. The compact disc player was the first laser-equipped device to become popular, beginning in 1982 followed shortly by laser printers.
In the laser harp, it is used to make the "virtual strings" of the instrument. Since laser radiation goes straight and shows itself as a clear and very bright single beam of light, it is the perfect for represent one "string". But one string is not enough, so how do we get the 12 strings of an entire octave for playing?

The Main Components